Tuesday, February 24, 2009

3 year ago today

Three years ago today at 3 am I had to pee. So I took out the home pregnancy test and peed. I couldn't believe what I saw. The slightest second line appeared. I couldn't believe it. I never dreamed this would ever happen. I got out another test and again a small 2nd line appeared. I woke up Mark and said "do you see 2 lines?" He had no idea why I was asking or what it meant. I think he thought I finally lost my marbles.

I called my mom to tell her. I went to work and called the doctor's office. They sent me for bloodwork. I couldn't wait to get the results. The nurse called and said "congratulations, you are pregnant". When I got the bloodwork results, I called Mark and said "you are going to be a daddy!". Turns out he was at duncun donuts, so he told the cashier. Funny, she was the second to get the official word on our pregnancy.

I had to go back 48 hours for repeat bloodwork to make sure the numbers doubled. Well they tripled. I was thrilled.

This day three years ago, began an amazing journey that has forever changed me in ways I never would have thought possible. This began months or challenges and life altering choices and decisions which had to be made. My faith in God and the love of my family and friends sustained me through this time. I am eternally thankful to have such wonderful people in my life. Somehow I made all the right choices and the rest is history.

by the way, today is my mom's birthday!! I found out twins on my birthday! I'll report on that day in less than a month.

Wow, amazing..three years ago today!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Yes we are this crazy, Introducing the newest member of our family

We have a new wonderful member of the Family to Introduce. Her name is Bella and she is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier or as people in the U.K. call her breed "the Nanny Dog" (due to their devotion to children). She is about 10 months old and we were lucky to get her from a friend who didn't have the time to dedicate to such a loving, energetic little girl.

She has fit into our family really well. She is house-trained and very well mannered. The only thing we really need to work on is jumping on people. She just gets so excited to see everyone.

The first thing the boys do when they wake up now is say "doggie house" and they head downstairs to get Bella out of her crate. The boys also like to play chase with her. They run and she chases. She knows to be gentle and she just adores them. The boys just don't like when she lays on their blankies but she just wants to cuddle with them.

Samson accepted her without any problems. He seems happier and more energetic. They already sun-bathe and cuddle by the back door (that is when there is sun)!

I do sometimes think that 2 dogs are easier than 1 although 3 dogs would be insane! So don't look for us to be adding any more dogs. Now considering fish or a turtle...so stay tuned!

Just a quick thank you to Laura for recognizing that Bella needed a family with kids and a quick nod to William at http://rockycreekstaffs.com/ who let us out of our deposit on a puppy puppy. The house trained puppy is a better fit for us. He has some of the greatest Staffy's out there! Bella is a Rocky Creek Staffie!

So here she is Bella!