Sunday, November 30, 2008

Be Thankful for the Children

Well this is the end of the holiday weekend. Since i haven't gotten a change to post since before Thanksgiving, I sure hope everyone had a Blessed Holiday. There are so many things I am thankful for. For one, I am thankful for the handful of people who actually care what I say in this blog.

We took the little dudes to Mass on Thanksgiving morning. The little dudes were little terrors during Mass. As they were crawling under the pews and turning the music missals into missles, Fr. Pete began his homily with 5 things to be thankful for. While I hate to admit, I forgot numbers 2, 3, 4 and 5. i do remember that number one was to be Thankful for Children.

I am truly thankful that i have the little dudes and that they have the abilities to crawl under pews and throw the Word of God. I am also thankful for all the other children we have in our lives, Our 2 nieces, 3 nephews, our friends children as well as the other NICU miracle babies that our still in our life. Each child is truly special and a wonderful testament to the goodness of God.

I look forward to this holiday season experiencing for the first time through the eyes of my 2 year olds.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Who's the real monkey?

Ok everyone, I had been feeling a little uninspired lately in my blogging. It might be because my husband (my biggest blog critic) told me my blog was a little downer. I guess my posts on the election and prematurity awareness month were not very witty or funny. So in an effort to bring a light-hearted fun to the blog, let me tell you about the Burrows Family Sunday Morning.

We decided to attend the first annual Pet Expo at the IX Center. I still have this burning desire to add a new doggie to our family so i figure it would be a good place to check out some different breeds. it has to be the right dog for us. I am going to follow my head and not my heart with this decision (let's hope!).

We had a fantastic time. The little dudes had a great time meeting lots of new doggies. They showed off their Rocking Pony Croc shirts to all the reptile people. They seemed to like the reptiles a little too much (I am in big trouble). Mark even got to hold a trantula.

Tommy enjoyed the Air Dog Demonstation where the doggies would jump into a swimming pool. William enjoyed giving all the dogs huggies!

The best moment of the day came when the boys spotted the Chimp. We couldn't resist getting a photo taken (even if it cost $20.00). What we don't do for our children!

So here is the photo. I don't know who seems happier...Mark or the Monkey???

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today is Election Day and I am sure you all have heard the get out and vote message. I am here to give the anti-vote message. I believe that everyone has the RIGHT to vote but that doesn't mean everyone SHOULD vote.

If you don't understand the issues, DON'T VOTE.
If you get all your information from commercials or NBC, DON'T VOTE.
If you can't tell me what the candidate stands for, DON'T VOTE.
If you don't know the ideologies of democrats vs. republicans, DON'T VOTE.
If you are voting mearly b/c a candidate is a certain religion, race, gender, DON'T VOTE.
If you just like how a candidate speaks and looks, DON'T VOTE.

Just as there are many reasons to Vote, there are many reasons not to vote.

I have a real pet peeve with people who vote and truly have no idea why they are voting for the candidate they are or are so misinformed on the issue that they have no real grasp of what is happening in our country.

I respect people that have a different opinion than me and can back it up with facts and their convictions and beliefs.

So here is my message, GET EDUCATED and then VOTE!!

***Paid for by Karen Burrows*****

Monday, November 3, 2008

Continuing my dedication to Prematurity Awarenss Month

What everyone should know....

Babies born at 23 weeks gestation have a 17% chance of survival.
Babies born at 24 weeks gestation have a 39% chance of survival.
Babies born at 25 weeks gestation have a 50% chance of survival.
1 in 10 premature babies will develop permanent disabilities, such as lung disease, cerebral palsy, blindness, or deafness.
50% of babies born before the 26th week are disabled; 25% of those severely so.
There is a greater risk of severe disability and lower cognitive function results for boys compared to girls. This supports the theory that male sex is an important risk factor in extremely premature infants.
In 2004, 12.5% of US babies were premature (less than 37 weeks). That is an 18% increase over the rate in 1990.

I know when friends and family are pregnant, I can get a little neurotic with how many weeks gestation they are and I get paranoid about preterm labor etc. The risks are real and the outcomes unpredictable.

I just want every baby to have a Healthy Start!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


It's Superman X 2!!!!

Premature Birth - It's Personal To Me!

November is Prematurity Awareness Month.

As you all know this cause is near and dear to my heart. Too many babies are born too soon and way too many just don't make it.

Here are the startling facts...

Prematurity has been escalating steadily and alarmingly over the past two decades. One out of eight babies is born prematurely in the United States. Preterm delivery can happen to any pregnant woman. In fact, more newborns die from premature birth than any other cause.

Today alone in the U.S. 1400 babies will be born to soon.

A baby born in Cuba, Cyprus or Slovenia is more likely to survive than a baby born here in the US - despite huge economic disparities.

These babies take months, and often years, to catch up to their peers. Some never can. Babies born too soon face developmental issues, cerebral palsy, blindness, deafness, respiratory issues, learning disabilities. Your child may be healthy - but these children will be in your child's classroom. 1 in 8, remember? Premature birth isn't just "something that happens to someone else". It isn't a distant, far away problem. It's effecting over 1/2 million families each year. And these mothers - they aren't drug pushers or alcoholics. These are regular families who get prenatal care, who do everything right - families like mine. But it doesn't have to be that way. Change is possible. But first, you need to be aware.

Please help the babies by signing the preemie petition I have posted in the sidebar and feel good that we are saving babies, together!