Wednesday, April 29, 2009

March for Babies 2009

Last Sunday was Cleveland's March for Babies. It was a 4 mile walk around Cleveland and for all those reading this that are curious, Yes, Mark did survive the walk even the uphill parts! LOL

It was an absolutely gorgeous day in Cleveland (well as gorgeous as Cleveland can get).

Since I am the Family Teams Chair, I got to thank the family teams and introduce the Ambassador Family.

We had a much bigger team this year. I'll have to count but I believe there were at least 20 walking for my miracle babies team! I am pleased to report that so far our team has raised $2700.00. This should put us in the top 5 family teams again this year. I feel very happy and proud in this economy that we were able to generate this much support.

At the post event festivities, Liam and Tommy chased around all the costumed characters such as the Chick Fil A cows, Kmart's blue light, McGruff the crime dog, and their personal favorite was the Energizer Bunny because he let them bang on his drum.
They were 2 tired little boys by the end.

Special thanks to Jen Lawson at the Northeast Ohio March of Dimes. She does an amazing job and just about single-handedly pulls this event off! Amazing!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Three Years Ago Today

Was one of the worst days of my life! This ranks right up there with the day my sister died. I do think that you have to have these days in order to appreciate the good days and the great days but this day changed me. Interesting, that I think it changed me for the better.

You see, on this day three years ago, a physician who i had every hope in, who i prayed would give me some hope, looked me in the eyes and said these exact words "I know it took you 3 years to get pregnant, but if you don't terminate this pregnancy and start over, there is a good chance these babies will die or end up in a nursing home the rest of there life'. i should add that he said this while tying his shoe. All i can say is "BASTARD".

Even after I am on the other side of a monoamniotic pregnancy and I know I have 2 wonderful beautiful and healthy little boys, these words can come back an haunt me.

The thoughts and emotions i had this day are unbelievable. Never for a minute did I think of terminating my pregnancy but the fear of bringing preemies into this world did scare the heck out of me. Was is fair to knowingly make them struggle those first months? But i think just has i struggled through the pregnancy with it only making me a different better person. i am hoping their struggles only prove to make them better people as well.

I think i had to get through this day so i would be passionate about saving babies, about helping other monoamniotic moms and never ever taking my boys for granted.

i will never forget this day. The day someone thought my unborn babies weren't worth the sacrifice. WEll, they were Dr. Emery, They were!

Monday, April 13, 2009

What's your name?

I don't think my boys look a like at all but I am reminded at family gatherings that indeed they are identical twins and others can't tell them apart.

So on Easter Sunday someone asked William what his name was and he responded "Tommy". A little while later my niece brought Tommy inside and she was calling him Liam. I said, "Lindsey, that is Tommy" and she said "He told me he was Liam".

Ugh oh, we are in big trouble that they are starting this at age 2! LOL!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Proud Mommy!

I have been a bad blogger lately but I want to write a story about my little dudes that I don't want to forget.

We had a March of Dimes function held at a daycare center and a little 5 year old girl was there who had severe Cerebral Palsy. My boys had not seen a disabled child before and they were looking her way curious. I took them by the hand and went and introduced them to Amanda. I didn't want them to be afraid and I certainly did not want her to feel left out. She smiled and knew we were there talking to her. I showed Liam and Tommy how she could feel a soft stuffed animal.

A little while later I was talking with some adults but then scanned the room to look for my boys. I found Tommy sitting next to Amanda with a big smile on his face helping her feel the soft toy. My heart could not feel more proud. He looked so proud of himself and so happy he was playing with Amanda.

William was interested in pushing her stroller around. He also tried to interact with Amanda and include her.

I am so lucky to be their mommy. They teach me so much and watching innocence is remarkable!