Friday, August 15, 2008

how people find me

I always wonder how people find my blog. I don't get many visitors compared to others but it interesting. I loaded a stat counter which gives me this information. So far these are the searches that found my site...

"32 weeks" twins

Virgin Mary beginnings

kiddiepark ohio

quote from small beginnings come great things

the story of the virgin mary

Story of the Virgin Mary

monoamniotic when to terminate

can a very short boy grow to be a tall adult

ambassadors begginings

The one that most disturbs me is of course "monoamniotic when to terminate".....Hopefully they found out NOT to terminate a monoamniotic pregnancy.

I am sure whoever wanted the story of the virgin mary were disappointed to just see my boys giving her a hug.


angie said...

Wow. The monoamniotic when to terminate jumped out at me too. Hope what they found changed their mind!

Connie said...

That's so interesting!! I always think mine find me through the momo website. Interesting to me that people searched terminatin and found your blog. So odd. I love your comment on the story of the Virgin Mary...they would have been a little surprised to say the least!!

Laura said...

Those are interesting. I have to say that if someone found your blog and was thinking of terminating it was good they found you. Your story is certainly a good story of survival and miracles.

Scary they were searching that.

Jocasta said...

Hopefully whoever searched for termination was surprised and inspired to continue. Makes me sad that someone out there is close to making that sort of decision.

Tracy said...

I agree - so interesting.
also - liked the dog pic - so fun.

Laurie said...

I am from the momo board and have in the past read much about you on the board. I post on there in the loss section.
I was just going through the blog list on the momo board and read your blog.
We have so much in common.
I have some questions for you. How far is Independence from Hudson area? You may or may not know. Do you ever go to twins day in Twinsburg?
Our boys were both born on the 4th of August. I am a RN. Where does your hubby work? I am in the process of job hunting. (Seriously, I am not stalking you)
I too am very pro life and have the same views with friendships.
Anyways visit me sometime on my blog or drop me an e-mail.
Maybe we are close in Ohio. I would love to make a loyal friend.

Kim said...

Hi Karen,
I'm on the momo board too. I don't post much lately, but I do still read almost everyday. Very interesting what brings people to your blog! Take care.