Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a blessed holiday season. The new year is upon us and I have lots I want to accomplish this year.

1. I always have a New Year Resolution to send birthday cards out. I admire those people who always remember birthdays with cards that always make it to the recipient on time. I am always good for a birthday phone call and chat but cards have never been my thing. I say every year that this will change and I will again attempt it.
2. I want to get better organized. My new laptop will definately help with this. I can stay in bed and pay bills, blog, work etc. I just love this thing!!!
3. I want to work on my blog more. I want to customize it to fit my personality. Just have to learn how!
4. This year another mom and I who volunteer with the March of Dimes will be starting a NICU support group. This is a big project but will be so rewarding when it is up and running. I can't wait to report how the year goes with this.

5. This year I will get to my pre-marriage weight!! After years of infertility, twin pregnancy and emotional eating through 3 1/2 months in the NICU, it is about time I am able to fit back into my wedding ring. 15 pounds already gone, only 15 more to go!!!

6. This year Liam and Tommy will start pre-school. I feel the tears already welling in my eyes. Can't believe these were my 1 pound babies.

I won't bore anyone else with the rest. I am hoping for a highly successful and rewarding year. It is already off to a great start. Mark's new job is allowing for so much more family time which eases up so much stress on the both of us.

I also got a new digital camera for Xmas. I am just learning to use it so here are some photos during a pre-bedtime photo shoot!




angie said...

Look how much the boys have grown! Happy New Year! Great resolutions!

dlong said...

Happy New Year! I hope your NICU support group goes well, I know you will be a huge encouragement to so many.

girlytwins said...

Wow. The boys have grown and changed so much. They are so adorable.

Good luck with your resolutions. I never even bother cuz they never get followed thru LOL. I admire people who can make the changes.

Laura said...

I think you have some very valuable resolutions. I like the thought of setting goals and keeping them.

As you know, I volunteer in a parent support program at my NICU. It is a rewarding thing. Let me know what you guys do. It might be fun to bounce ideas of what works and what doesn't from our two programs.

Connie said...

You are going to have a great year!! Those are some handsome grown up looking little boys!! Pre-school is a major milestone....