Monday, January 10, 2011

Tommy knows...

Since my last blog, I begin the denial portion of this grieving process. I had my mom bring Tommy in to my office so I could retest him. Of course I came up with similar results. I just needed to test him myself. One thing that triggered my denial was that my mother, his teacher, his speech therapist told me that they do not "see" the hearing loss. Mark and I both notice the hearing loss and have for a few months. I will always question when the hearing loss began if I could of or should of diagnosed it sooner. This will always haunt me but the truth is that Tommy's speech is age appropriate and he is just as "smart" as his twin brother. There was no indication before the last new months that he nother more than chronic OM.

Also, the day I tested Tommy, I told him about his hearing loss and that he would be getting hearing aids. He smiled ear to ear and said "so I'll be able to hear again". I almost burst into tears. He seems pretty accepting and excited about the hearing aids.

I also told Liam about Tommy and his hearing (since Tommy can't hear our laptop at home). Liam turned to Tommy and said "it's OK Tommy, I have hearing aids too. They are just in my heart!". I have no idea what this means but it sounds super cute and super sensitive to the situation. He keeps saying that when the topic comes up. Maybe Tommy understands it. LOL

Also, since Tommy was so excited about the hearing aids I went ahead and made his earmold impressions. I just have to place the orders, if I ever could make a decision.


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