Monday, June 1, 2009

African Safari Adventure

I had the day off work today and we spent it going to a African Wildlife Safari about an hour and half from our house. The weather forcast was warm and sunny but as we were driving west the thermometer in the car kept going lower and lower and the clouds kept darkening. I got very worried our day would be a wash-out. I hate Ohio weather.

Well as luck had it, as soon as we pulled in the rain subsided. We paid our astonomical price to get in and got our cups off food and drove in the gates. We were instantly greeted by very friendly Elk putting their heads in the car to get the food. We all burst out laughing and the fun began. Little dudes were sooo excited and kept saying Hi to all the animals. There were Llamas and Deer and rams. Our favorite were the Buffalo. They were very friendly and surrounded our car.

Besides the car ride through the Safari, the Little dudes got Pony Rides. I can't believe how much they enjoyed them and they were not really scared.

All in all it was an amazing family day. We even were lucky enough to have Christopher with us. He is staying with us for a week! Love having him here with us.!

Enjoy the pics