Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tommy did it

This morning started like any typical morning. I was racing around trying to get myself ready for work, the boys lunches made, the boys up and changed and dressed. Then out we go to the car to go to the babysitters. I get the boys in the minivan and then I climb in and get William in his seat. Tommy jumps into the front seat usually to press the hazard lights on. Well today, he pressed another button without me knowing, the door locks. So I get Tommy into his seat, I get out of the car and close the sliding door and then realize, I am locked out and they are locked in with my purse and keys. For some reason, I had both sets of keys in my purse today.

So I call the police and he arrives along with a big fire truck! They boys were sitting happily in their car seats smiling at the policeman and fireman. It took 20 minutes for them to get the door unlocked.

They finally get the door unlocked and then open the sliding door and William shouts "Tommy did it!". What a laugh that got but he has to learn not to throw his brother under the bus like that!

Too much excitement before 7 am for mom!


girlytwins said...

Haha. "Tommy did it!" Too funny.

I had a very similar situation happen to me 2 summers ago. It was awful. I felt like mom of the year since I was in a busy parking lot and everyone knew what was going on and I was a crying mess LOL.

Definitely too much to handle before 7 am :)

Anonymous said...

OMG! How cute in the end, they are already blaming each other!

Karen said...

I have learned not to EVER close a door until I am inside with keys in hand. I always leave one open, just in case. I, too, have been there. Thankfully the fire trucks weren't involved.

Before 7. That makes it so much worse.