Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dear Blog,

Dear Blog,

I have to write to apologize for spending more time on other people's blogs than spending time with you. I guess looking at other people's lives believing they live these perfect lives with spotless homes and well-mannered children and not a care in the world has been easier than spending time with you deciding what to reveal about my totally not spotless home and my children that are known as a "handful".

So to update you on our lives here is what is going on.....I'll start with today. Today we had a family day and spent it going to Hartville Fleamarket. It was a little disappointing but I did manage to buy some great Amish fruits just to find out they are not even from this country...lovely but thank you New Zealand for the wonderful grapes.

They boys are learning to ride big boy bikes with training wheels. William has mastered it quickly but Tommy likes to peddle, peddle, STOP! They thought they were all that when they rode to the ice-cream store.

On a cute note.....William got this ice-cream cone went around the side to the tables and then said "I want to say Thank-You". So he marched back to the teenager at the window and said in the softest voice "Thank-you". It's times like this when I think I must be doing something right!

I had a week off of work and I purged my home and had a garage sale. A lot of work for a very little money. I do have to say that the weather did not cooperate. Feels good to have lots of closets on the empty side.

The boys are learning what they can get away with which parent. Mark was at work yesterday and I told the boys it was time for "hot showers" (as they like to call them). I let them hold the shower head and spray the walls. Mark does not!!! When I told them this William exclaimed "spray walls, daddy is not home".

Tommy sometimes now refers to William as Tommy and William calls himself Tommy so names get quite confusing in our house. Somehow they never forget that I am mommy and if I go missing for even a minute I hear shouting "Where are you Mommy?, Where are you Mommy?".
Never a moment of peace of Mommy but I wouldn't have it any other way.

I am loving life. Life is indeed good but I think you have to know hard times to appreciate just how good Life feels to me now!

I'll try to be a better Blogger and not neglect you so much and I am going to try to envision everyone else's life just as crazy and messy as mine can be sometimes!


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Karen said...

We had a yard sale for the first time in a decade. Lots of work, little money is right. But the clean(er) house is worth it, and it's more money than I would have made if I'd taken it all to Salvation Army from the start.