Saturday, July 11, 2009

Miracle Babies Turn 3

I can't believe how fast this summer is flying by. We are having a great time and the little dudes are enjoying every new adventure.

Today was a very special day for us. It was the Miracle Babies Turn 3 birthday party. This is a special time of year for our NICU friends. We spend our summers celebrating the very special lives of our amazing children. These special children have the most amazing mothers. These mom's were all told at one time or another that their children would either not survive or would be severely multi-handicaped. These mothers all fought for their children and valued their life despite odds that would make anyone shutter and question every decision. It is amazing we all came together and continue to support one another. All the children defied the odds. It is truly a celebration of life and love.

This year we all pitched in and rented a bounce house. The kids loved it. We was such an enjoyable day! Thanks Carrie for use of your house.

At 3 years old we still can't get all the kids to sit for a picture. It was better than last year so maybe the 4th birthday we will them all looking and smiling.

One more note....William was sick and could not attend. Broke my hear to leave him behind but it was for the best of all the children.

Kiley and Tommy, One special friendship from the start (Kiley weighed only 14 ounces at birth)

Miracle Babies, Luke, Nicholas, Tommy, Owen (on couch), Kiley, Olivia, Conner (in front), Brigid (missing)