Monday, March 17, 2008

Cherry Valley Lodge

We had our first Family "mini" vacation this past weekend. We took the boys to Cherry Valley Lodge and Coco Key indoor waterpark with my husband's family. We had such a great time. Liam and Tommy were a little slow to warm up to the waterpark. I don't think they were scared. I just don't think they knew what to do. They figured it out and had a great time.

They really enjoyed the hotel room. The water must have worn them out b/c they took great naps and slept at night for 12 hours. They loved hiding under the sinks and running around the room. They loved they could get off the bed all on their own.

Thanks to my mother in law, Mark and I got some alone time as well. We enjoyed sitting in the outdoor spa.
It was wonderful to reconnect as a family. Balancing work and family is a constant struggle for us. With working such opposite schedules, family time is so important. Our schedules make it great that the boys don't have to go to daycare but we do sacrifice family time together. It makes me sad sometimes. Weekends like this really energize me. I mentally feel so much bettter.

My only regret from the weekend is that I didn't take any pictures. i am terrible like that! The boys looked so cute in their little swim trunks.

Now I know they are such great travellers...Florida here we come!!!!!


angie said...

Glad to hear that you had such a wonderfully successful weekend away!

girlytwins said...

How wonderful. Too bad no pictures. But you still have the memories and the refreshed outlook on your family. That's the important part :) I am bad at photos too. I really have to work at remembering.

jenni anne said...

i have a hard time remembering to take pictures too. as if we aren't busy enough!!! if i was rich, i'd hire my own photographer to just follow us around all the time. and if i was famous i'd just ask the paparatzie for doubles.

Churchill said...

The outdoor spa sounds divine. I am glad you had a wonderful trip!

Jocasta and Wayne said...

What a wonderful trip - I'm so jealous