Saturday, March 22, 2008

Stalking the Easter Bunny

We got 7 inches of snow last night. That's about right for Cleveland in the Springtime. ugh!
We took the boys to their first Easter Egg hunt and here is what happened...
Liam and Tommy weren't all that interested in the Easter Egg Hunt until they set their eyes on the Easter Bunny. They saw him from a distance and it was all over from there. They took off in a foot race. I believe Liam got to him first. He touched and laughed and squeezed the Easter Bunny's nose. He tried with all his might to get the Easter Bunny to pick him up. Tommy was no different. We tried to distract them by taking them to another room but all they did was race back to the big furry bunny. The other kids around didn't bother them. They squeezed there way in to get a feel of him. We actually had to leave the event early because I couldn't get the boys away from the Easter Bunny. I think the Easter Bunny is going to have nightmares tonight about 2 little boys hunting him down. LOL
Anyway, we had a nice day and here are some photos (I sure wish I was a better photographer)...and 1 more thing..... I know I should have gotten my money back on their haircuts. I didn't realize how bad they were until we got home. That is a story for a different post!


latree said...

oh thats so funny bunny. I guess I will run to it too...;)
hi, I saw you on angie's and ran over here. your twin are cute, I don't see anything wrong with their hair. what's wrong anyway?

have you checked out my giveaway? you still have a day left if you are interested.

see you!

Churchill said...

The boys look terrific and I am amazed by how well they did with the easter bunny.

girlytwins said...

Your boys look so cute. Their hair looks good to me :) Haha. I love that they love the Easter bunny. My girls are still scared of him.

Jocasta and Wayne said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Poor Bunny - it must be hot in that suit especially if you have to run away from little boys!