Thursday, April 10, 2008

Grow, Grow, Grow

I hesitate to post this as I have gotten some pretty interesting comments from people regarding this issue with my boys. Tuesday, we saw a pediatric endocrinologist as our boys just are not catching up to the growth chart. At 20 months, they weight only 18 pounds and are 2 feet 4 inches tall (or short). The good news is that they are growing at the correct rate. They just never had a growth spurt to catch them up the curve. So the doctor does not think they have any underlying medical issues. She is doing bloodwork to check for sure though.

So the issue becomes their height. At this rate, the doctor's don't think they would reach an adult height of 5 foot tall. Our option is growth hormone. This would hopefully allow them to reach a height of 5'5 ish. I am not a "vain" person or one of those mothers that particularly cares about their athelic ability or stature but I am concerned with the emotional ramifications of having adult children who aren't 5 foot tall.

At this point, everyone is probably the growth hormone.....and I agree. My "motherly" issue with it is that it is DAILY injections from age 2 until they stop growing sometime after age 15. This is a big committment for mearly for what most people would view as a cosmetic issue.

The more I think about it though, it is also a socio-emotional issue as well. Identical twins get enough "attention" as it is. I hate their height to make them more of a "spectical".

They didn't come with tall "genes" to begin with as my husband and I are very short as well. i have no issue with it but I am a girl.

My other concern if we don't try it is that someday when my boys are grown very short men they will they come back and say "you could of helped us, why didn't you at least try". This can not be a decision made in retrospect. The earlier the better for growth hormone. They won't start it until age 2 though.

I do feel very fortunate though that this is our "BIG" issue. We could have it so much worse.

I guess it feels good to get this down. Hope I don't get judged to harshly for it. I just want what is best for my boys.


angie said...

I'm sorry that as parent you are being faced with this decision. It is one that you really have to think through, and then FOLLOW through if you decide to do the shots. I guess if you start at age 2 though and have to do it every day, they won't know anything different, but the thought makes me a little queasy. Good luck with your decision.....anyone who would judge you harshly for wanted the very best for your boys isn't worth your time.......

Laura said...

I would never judge you here. It is so hard when faced with these decisions. I also see that its different when you have boys. I wanted to tell you they told my husband he would not be tall enough to drive because he got all his growth later in life. Things are not always as bad as it seems.

That being said being born as early as they were will affect nature. I have a friend I volunteer with and respect who was looking into doing this for her son (a 26 weeker). I am sure she would be happy to talk to you via email and discuss what she decided to do.

Let me know if this is something you would be interested in.

You do know what is best for those boys! (HUGS)

girlytwins said...

First off anyone who comments anything other than supportive thoughts you need to delete without even reading it. At times, as mothers, we are all faced with difficult decisions this being a pretty good one for you. Whatever you decide will be the right decision for you and your boys. I agree that if this is your biggest concern you are fortunate. But I am sorry you are having to make this decision either way. Warm thoughts to you. My advice if you would like it is to just base your decision on what you feel is right for your boys do not take into consideration what anyone else would think in either direction. I wouldn't consider this a cosmetic issue. Good luck with your decision. At least you have some time to decide.

jenni anne said...

dear karen,
i'm so sorry you have to make this decision, and i'm even more sorry that people feel like they need to give their two cents, even if it isn't helpful! i KNOW you're a good mom, and you love your boys. there are pros and cons with every decision we make, but i know you will do what is right for your boys. i guess my big thing i would worry about if i were you, would be any possible side effects of the shots. (which i'm sure would be minimal, since this is a regularly used drug). it would probably be helpful to talk with laura's friend, that way you guys could kinda compare notes and get all the information before you make a decision. good luck, girl, and keep us posted!!

Churchill said...

What an impossible decision to make. If it helps I have worked with two men who are quite short - one was 5ft 1in and the other 5ft 2in - and both were highly successful lawyers in NYC with wives (who were of equally small stature) and children (in both cases two daughters). So if you do decide to forego the hormones I do not think you should feel like you are dooming them to a terrible fate. It probably also helps that they would always have each other, so they will never have to face the other boys alone.

Connie said...

Gosh, a tough one. I have a cousin that gave her daughter the growth hormone and she was really happy with it. Just know that whatever you decide, you are doing what YOU feel is best for your boys and that is the most important thing.

Erin said...

Such a hard decision to have to make, But whatever you decide just remember that there are no wrong choices. I wish I had some helpful advice for you but I don't. :( I just wanted to comment to support ya! Not that it helps but I dated quite a few guys shorter than me and they were all sweethearts and gymnasts are typically shorter so they can jump through the air faster! *wink.
(that was my lame attempt to help! haha!)

Lizzie said...

Hi- I have twenty month old twins, too (as well as 8 month old twins).

Has your doctor tested your boys bone age? It could give an idea of their actual placement on the developmental charts as bone age is the true determinant for height as I understand it.

Neither of my b/g twins had teeth before the age of 1. My second set (also fraternal) do not have any signs of teething, either. Although its not as efficient as a bone growth x-ray (? or is it scan?), a delay in teeth usually is a sign of a delay in bone age, too.

I am sorry if you have stated this somewhere on your blog already and I am being redundant... you have alot of tough decisions ahead of you, but will no doubt do the very best for your family.

latree said...

you did what you thought best for you kids. and that's what mothers do.

carebear said...

Just coming back for more stories of your experience and stubbled across this. With my little one's kidney failure, he will have to go on growth hormones at age one so he can reach the required 22lbs for a transplant as quickly as possible. He will already be on shots and dialysis...I hate to add one more thing, but the sooner we get a transplant the sooner we can start taking away shots. I hope you are at peace with whichever decision you did make.

Oh and in reference to another post of yours: I LOVED the pics of your sons hugging Mary. I am also Catholic and have a very strong faith and bond with our Mother. I wear my Immaculate Conception necklace when I need extra strength.