Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today is Election Day and I am sure you all have heard the get out and vote message. I am here to give the anti-vote message. I believe that everyone has the RIGHT to vote but that doesn't mean everyone SHOULD vote.

If you don't understand the issues, DON'T VOTE.
If you get all your information from commercials or NBC, DON'T VOTE.
If you can't tell me what the candidate stands for, DON'T VOTE.
If you don't know the ideologies of democrats vs. republicans, DON'T VOTE.
If you are voting mearly b/c a candidate is a certain religion, race, gender, DON'T VOTE.
If you just like how a candidate speaks and looks, DON'T VOTE.

Just as there are many reasons to Vote, there are many reasons not to vote.

I have a real pet peeve with people who vote and truly have no idea why they are voting for the candidate they are or are so misinformed on the issue that they have no real grasp of what is happening in our country.

I respect people that have a different opinion than me and can back it up with facts and their convictions and beliefs.

So here is my message, GET EDUCATED and then VOTE!!

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Anonymous said...

Karen, Classic and so true... I wish that I could feel comfortable posting that on my blog... :) I might add:

If you think Saturday Night Live skits are newsworthy, DON'T VOTE.

If you register with a park bench as an address, DON'T VOTE (you have more important issues to deal with.)

If how someone looks without a shirt matters in your decision, DON'T VOTE.

-your friendly local farmer...

Anonymous said...

If you cannot answer the following question correctly - Don't Vote...

What form of government does the United States have?

A. Democratic Marxism
B. Constitutional Democracy
C. Representative Republic

Anonymous said...

Great advice!

girlytwins said...

So very true. I have come across so many conversations that sound so uneducated and I just wanna scream. In California right now people are being scared into voting a certain way by commercials. It is so unfair to the actual propositions.

dlong said...

Great point Karen, and so true. Everything you mentioned is a pretty big problem right now.

angie said...

Great message!

Jaime said...

I COMPLETELY agree! That is exactly how I feel!

Tracy said...

I agree with the above - great post.