Sunday, November 23, 2008

Who's the real monkey?

Ok everyone, I had been feeling a little uninspired lately in my blogging. It might be because my husband (my biggest blog critic) told me my blog was a little downer. I guess my posts on the election and prematurity awareness month were not very witty or funny. So in an effort to bring a light-hearted fun to the blog, let me tell you about the Burrows Family Sunday Morning.

We decided to attend the first annual Pet Expo at the IX Center. I still have this burning desire to add a new doggie to our family so i figure it would be a good place to check out some different breeds. it has to be the right dog for us. I am going to follow my head and not my heart with this decision (let's hope!).

We had a fantastic time. The little dudes had a great time meeting lots of new doggies. They showed off their Rocking Pony Croc shirts to all the reptile people. They seemed to like the reptiles a little too much (I am in big trouble). Mark even got to hold a trantula.

Tommy enjoyed the Air Dog Demonstation where the doggies would jump into a swimming pool. William enjoyed giving all the dogs huggies!

The best moment of the day came when the boys spotted the Chimp. We couldn't resist getting a photo taken (even if it cost $20.00). What we don't do for our children!

So here is the photo. I don't know who seems happier...Mark or the Monkey???


Anonymous said...

Lol, I do believe Mark looks way happier then the boys, this will make for great laughs! Any luck with the dog search?

Karen said...

Ooh, a dog! How fun will that be! While I agree that every boy needs on, I am also the first to say not to rush into anything. Good luck, and avoid the reptiles. Trust me, I know.

angie said...

Mark DOES look exceptionally'd he get to be the lucky one by the chimp? :)

Tracy said...

that is hysterical!!! my girls would have been in heaven - they LOVE all animals.
btw - I don't mind the more serious blogs - that's life.

Connie said...

Karen that photo made me laugh out loud!!! Mark and the monkey are so gleeful, and the boys are so solemn...I love it. Those boys are looking so grown up all of a sudden!!