Monday, April 13, 2009

What's your name?

I don't think my boys look a like at all but I am reminded at family gatherings that indeed they are identical twins and others can't tell them apart.

So on Easter Sunday someone asked William what his name was and he responded "Tommy". A little while later my niece brought Tommy inside and she was calling him Liam. I said, "Lindsey, that is Tommy" and she said "He told me he was Liam".

Ugh oh, we are in big trouble that they are starting this at age 2! LOL!


Tracy said...

you are in trouble - your boys are way too clever - Chloe & Claire just turned 2 and I cannot imagine them doing this . . . I hope!

Karen said...

I never would have imagined it either. If I didn't see it for myself I don't know if I would have believed it.

angie said...

My boys are just now starting this! :)

And, the other day Jeff and I were looking at the boys and we were both like, Jacob looks taller. He's a WHOLE inch taller than John now. Weird.

Jaime said...

Oh my!! You are in serious trouble with those two!;)

My girls are at the point they hate being called the wrong name and promptly correct people!

Karen said...

I don't think they did it to trick people on purpose.
I actually am going to address it with the speech therapist today.
William just doesn't say his name. I have only heard him say it twice while in speech therapy.

It is funny though. William blames everything on Tommy.

Karen said...

Just wait until they pull pranks on teachers, and start dating. Let the fun begin.

*says the mom without twins*

girlytwins said...

Haha. That's funny. My girls have been calling themselves sister so it is really confusing people. :)

Debra said...

My boys do this ONE PURPOSE for about 3 months now. And from behind I still cannot tell them apart. And that is when I need to the most because they are usually running away from me! LOL

Anonymous said...