Friday, July 18, 2008

Feeding the Soul

I spent my first night away from the kids since they came home from the NICU. It was a much needed 24 hour break. My dear friend Maureen invited me to the Chautauqua Institute to watch her brother conduct the Chautauqua Symphony.

The Institute is a place like no other I could ever imagine. Here is how their website describes it...

Many of the visitors who return to Chautauqua year after year describe it as an experience rather than a vacation -- a place for renewal. The Chautauqua Institution was founded on the belief that everyone “has a right to be all that he can be -- to know all that he can know.” The experiences come in many forms. A dramatic lakeside setting and the beauty of its National Historic Landmark architecture (it was designated a National Historic Landmark June 30, 1989) make the Chautauqua Institution a thriving community where visitors come to find intellectual and spiritual growth and renewal.

I think I got smarter just by walking through the main gate. It is a place in which you are surrounded by beauty, music, art and literature. I realize I don't feed this part of my brain or soul as often as I should.

It was amazing to watch a symphony and actually personally know the conducter (we went to high school together and he was my best friends brother!). We also got to meet the Cello soloist.

One thing is for certain...I have to go back to this place. It is indescribable.

Thanks Maureen and Family!!! You are all amazing!!!

Here are some pics...

Me and Maureen in front of the Antenaum Hotel
Relaxing at the after symphony party in the gazeboMaureen, Mary and Dan Meyer (the conductor)
Mary, Dan and Zuill Bailey (the chellist)


jenni anne said...

sounds like a really great experience! i love hearing a good orchestra!

angie said...

Sounds like an incredible way to spend the first 24 hours away from the boys. Great photos, too.