Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Experiences

This summer has been filled with new experiences for our little dudes. If anyone knows how to get them to smile in a picture, please let me know. They are really happy and fun little guys but the pictures just don't do their personalities justice. They always look so scared....although I think they were at Kiddie Park and on the Pony's.

It is turning out to be a wonderful summer.

Riding the Rocket ship at kiddiepark
riding the race cars at kiddiepark
Powerlifting Liam....SOOOO strong!!!!
Jockey William proudly wearing his t-shirt from The Rocking Pony (thanks Karen!)

Jockey Tommy also in his Rocking Pony T-shirt...he is definately not a natural on a horse!

From the looks of it, I don't think either of my boys will be astronauts, weight-lifters, race-car drivers or jockeys...LOL....I think we can add model to that list as they never want to smile for pictures or maybe mom was just not meant to be a photographer!!!


Connie said...

They are very cute KAren even if they are so serious!! I think it adds to their charm.

Jocasta said...

Very cute even not smiling!