Sunday, July 20, 2008

NICU Birthday Party...We are 2!

It has been a busy weekend. Yesterday, we had a NICU birthday party with all the kids we met that were in the NICU together during the summer of 2006. It is amazing to see how well all these miracle babies are doing....Here is a run-down of the kids and why they are true miracles!

Liam and Tommy(my boys)--born at 26.6 weeks gestation, monoamniotic twins, 1 lb 12 and 1 lb 8 oz.

Kiley--27 weeks, 14 ounces

Olivia--28 weeks

Luke and Owen---33 weeks, twin to twin transfusion survivors

Brigid and Connor--27 weeks (have a great birth story but not my story to tell, trust me..true miracles!)

Nicholas--24 weeks

Nicholas--23 1/2 weeks

The kids were everywhere and so much fun to watch.

So here are pics of Friends from the Beginning


Liam and Tommy
Kiley and Tommy hugging (they were meant to be together from the start)
Connor and Tommy

Trying to get a group picture (never was possible!)

Of course, my boys already have cake on their face (before the singing)

Luke and Owen


Jocasta said...

What a great party and it's wonderful that you have managed to keep in touch with so many parent's that were in the unit at the same time.

Karen said...

That's awesome that you guys were able to keep in touch.

jenni anne said...

yeah, that's so great that you can all see each other again, and celebrate how far everyone has come!!

angie said...

What a special bond you all have!

Yes, my name is Arizona said...

What precious photos!

girlytwins said...

How cool is that. I would love to see a few of the families that we met while the girls were in the NICU.

Those pics are great.

Churchill said...

Adorable pictures! They all look terrific.

Connie said...

So cute!! How wonderful you celebrate with all of your NICU buddies!!